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Enter the universe of Elise’s tales through their first book: Ines and her avocado, the story of a little girl who discovers a treasure. A children’s book about trees, and a sweet tale on how germination works.

Quote: “A children’s book that advocates for the well being of our environment.” – The Free Publisher (French news paper)

Ready, set, plant!

A book like no other, Elise and Nano Rivas present their first book: Ines and her avocado. An illustrated story, a concrete and practical guide but also a fun song, the ideal opportunity to share a great moment of complicity with the family.

Ines and her avocado, is the story of a 6-year-old girl who discovers a treasure: an avocado. This experience will allow her to discover the simplicity and also the responsability and commitment of planting a tree from the seed.

The story invites the reader to do the same, to plant an avocado tree, so the book was designed to keep the child motivated throughout the tree’s growth process. He will be able to take notes in a section of the book, on the most important dates in the evolution of his avocado tree, from the day of germination to the day of planting.

The book of “Inès and her avocado” is currently used by teachers  in few preschools in France to teach the principle of germination to children.

A seed, a glass of water and three toothpicks to see life in green!

She plants avocado everywhere she lives.

The author, Elise Rivas comes from a small village in Normandy, which she left at a very young age to travel the world. Passionate about drawing, reading and nature, Elise and her husband have the motto of planting an avocado tree in all the countries they visit, this is how the idea of Ines and her avocado was born, the first of a series of stories to help the youngest to realize that respect for nature and the simple things in life, make a difference and have a beneficial impact on our daily lives, such as planting a tree.

“Having a garden is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation in my family! My grandfather was a gardener and grew all his fruits and vegetables. There is no better feeling than enjoying a strawberry picked from your garden!
When I am in my garden and close my eyes, the smells and noises remind me of my childhood with my grandparents, a feeling, a memory that has no price.”

-Elise Rivas

A children’s book, but not only… Ines and her avocado is also:

– The well-being of our environment: a fun story to raise awareness among children and why not adults about respecting our environment, by sharing a pleasant and entertaining activity with the family and by planting a tree, you will contribute to the well-being of our ecosystem.

– Learn to be patient and responsible. Growing fruits, vegetables or plants in general does not happen overnight. Your child will have to learn to be patient, before the first leaves or roots appear. In the meantime, he will have to take care of his avocado tree regularly and with love. 

– Print on demand: the book is printed at the time of purchase, we do not accumulate copies, so we do not waste unnecessarily. We make sure we have no surplus stock, each copy counts.

– Satisfaction: Live and share the satisfaction of eating the food you have planted with your children.

– Multilingual: the book is also available in French, Spanish and soon in German.

– A sweet story: a bed time story to have sweet dreams.

From the book of Ines and her avocado.

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